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Repurposed Sprocket – Lowbrow Art

21 Sep

This is an assemblage type deal for lack of a better word – made from some old motorcycle parts and reclaimed wood. I’ve been riding and working on Harleys for about ten years now and started saving all my old parts that are no longer usable, but are still cool enough to do something with.

This piece is made from and old rusty brake rotor and a rear drive sprocket. They’ve been tack welded together and mounted to a piece of beaded board, using the original bolt pattern. The sprocket was cleaned up with a flapper disc to give a nice contrast to the rusty rotor. The frame is made from old reclaimed trim board, 1″ thick in the original paint as it was found.

Overall size is 28″ x 28″

For sale now in our Etsy shop.


Embrace the Culture Festival

19 Sep

We had a great time last weekend at the ETC Festival in downtown Norfolk. Had a great response to our stuff and met a lot of really cool like minded people, but vendors and customers alike. We also wanted to thank John Vellines, Chris Rice and the Festevents staff for the hospitality. We can’t wait to do it again next year. Here are a few photos Jessica took at the event.

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