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Window Coffee Table in Barn Red

31 Jan

Here’s another one of our window coffee tables that I finished up this weekend. Same basic design with a hinged top using a reclaimed window, hinges and cabinet pulls. Base is built solid out of new pine 2×6’s, with rough cut cedar planks staggered in 2″ and 4″ widths. The table received a base coat of kona stain, then topped off with a historic barn red paint. The sanded and scraped to give it a nice distressed finish. The table legs are also stained in kona colored stain. The entire piece was then hand waxed. The glass is original, but very solid and the undersides have been recaulked, as the original glaze breaks down over time.



Repurposed Vintage Press Side Table – Industrial, Machine Age

30 Jan

I made this little side table from a turn of the century press of some sort. I picked this piece up awhile back that I dug out of the back of a shop. The owner had no idea exactly what it was used for, but it’s from the early 1900s and has a cool machine age look to it. The heavy wing nut style style knobs are threaded and spin up and down to tighten down on the steel cross bars. They flip out once loosened and the two top wooden strips are removable. This is the part that would tighten down to form the press. When I found this it had an old piece of floral colored paper between the wooden slats. You could actually put a piece of heavy fabric or pretty much anything between the press to personalize it.

The table has been left as is to keep the original patina. The metal has light surface rust, but it’s still fully functional. I added some early American style legs to it and it makes a pretty unique table.


New Window Coffee Table

30 Jan

We’re trying to ensure that each one of these tables is unique and one of a kind. We’ve been getting quite a few requests for these, and the last thing we want to do is bore everyone and ourselves. This one is kinda fancy. The White Diamond. Probably could’ve come up with a better name, but I’m exhausted…Here are the details.

Coffee table made from a pretty rare window with diamond shaped panes which opens up for storage. Each one of these tables is one of a kind. The table itself is made from new 2″ x 6″ studs. Interior shelf is made of rough cut 1″x4″ and 1″x2″ cedar board in contrasting shades to add interest. All reclaimed hardware is used whenever possible, with the exception of new sash locks on both sides. This one features a vintage crystal door knob to make it super classy!

34″l x 18″w x 15″h



Vintage Inspired Umbrella Print Swag Lamp

30 Jan

This is one of our chicken wire swag lamps all dressed up.

The shade is all hand made from formed chicken wire and then covered in a very colorful and cool vintage umbrella print fabric. The fabric overlay was attached with Mod Podge, so it has a rigid, papier mache like texture with multiple layers. The lamp comes with 12ft of vintage cloth covered silver wire with an inline switch and plugs directly into the wall. Very cool accent lamp and you definitely won’t see another.

Dimensions: 12″ h x 7″w

Available now in our Etsy shop

Repurposed Swag Lamp – Barn Find Galvanized Funnel

20 Jan

Industrial / Farm / Garage inspired swag lamp. Made from a vintage galvanized metal funnel found in an old barn in Virginia. The funnel serves as the shade and was fitted with a new keyless socket to accept a standard light bulb up to 100w. The lamp is wired using approximately 15 ft. of vintage silver colored rayon cloth covered twisted wire and a vintage reproduction black bakelite plug. All wiring is brand new. Also included is an inline switch. This will make a cool accent piece for your bar, garage, mud room, farm house, kitchen or man cave. Similar to those made popular by Antique Archaeology.

I’ll add exact dimensions later on today, but the diameter is approximately 12 inches.

Currently for sale in our Etsy shop.

Reclaimed 2 Window Coffee Table – Teal

17 Jan

Coffee table made from a matching pair of reclaimed windows which open up for storage. Each one of these tables is one of a kind. The exterior of the windows were left untouched to preserve their original patina. The table itself is made from new 2″ x 6″ studs. Interior shelf is made of rough cut 1″x4″ cedar board. All reclaimed hardware was used. (hinges and door handles – both brass with original patina). The table base is was stained, then painted “Monterey Bay Teal,” then sanded and scraped. The doors were oiled and then the entire piece was hand waxed.

33″l x 22″w x 17″h

This is for sale now in our Etsy shop. $315

Reclaimed Window Coffee Tables

16 Jan

Folks have shown a lot of interest in these after the first one we made last month and we’ve had quite a few requests for them. Here’s one just finished. We have at least two more coming within the next week or so. No two tables are identical, and every window is hand picked. We’re going to keep the design basically the same, using either rough cut cedar board or reclaimed barn board when available for the inside shelf. We’ll also be trying out some different colorsĀ  – all of which will complement the natural patina of the window.


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