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Repurposed Glass Insulator Pendant Lights

30 Nov

Set of 5 pendant lights made using repurposed glass insulators and a piece of recycled exotic hardwood.

Center pendant uses a large clear glass Hemingray insulator, surround by 4 small blue Brookfield glass insulators. All are from the late 1800s-early 1900s. The wooden base is salvaged from an old pier plank used at one of the Navy yards here in Portsmouth, VA. It was actually planed down by my dad over 30 years ago from a huge plank that was about a foot thick. This piece was used as a mantel piece for 20 some years, then as an outdoor bar and then cut down – the rest becoming a coffee table among other things. The wood has been lightly sanded, stained and sealed with tung oil finish and still retains it’s weathered look. Vintage black twisted cloth covered wire was then used to electrify everything as well as brand new candelabra bases. To clean things up, the wires slide through brass flanges and through the wood.

These will take any candelabra based bulb and there are many different styles available.

This piece can be suspended from the ceiling, or flush mounted as seen here. It comes with two brass lag bolts so it can be mounted securely to the ceiling rafters and will cover your existing box.

Wood base is 12″ x 10″ SOLD


Antique Salvaged Victorian Mantelpiece

29 Nov

We recently acquired this antique mantelpiece salvaged from a Victorian home in Franklin, VA. It has the original beveled glass mirror and is in very good shape. Never been completely stripped, that I can tell but it’s been repainted white and slightly distressed. It’s solid, no rot and in really good condition. It’s a pretty huge piece. 7′ h x 63″ wide with 36″ square firebox opening. We had been looking for one of these for our house, but this one is just too big. In researching pricing for these, they can sell for anywhere between $400 to upwards of $1000, based on detail and condition. We’d like to get around $600 for this one, but if you’re interested, feel free to make a reasonable offer and it won’t be refused! Please call 757-672-7902 or email

Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

28 Nov

Reclaimed wooden window now used as a coffee table with plenty of storage. Large eight pane window was salvaged from an early to mid 1900s home in Virginia. I then built a frame out of 2x6s, and used rough cut cedar boards for the bottom. This piece is very sturdy and solid. I try to reuse salvaged materials whenever possible. Old brass hinges were used as well as a brass door pull than came off an old hardware store cabinet. A window sash lock was used on the side so the top is will lock securely in place.

Inside is unfinished rough cut cedar, exterior is bright white semi gloss finish, with the legs stained in a dark brown “kona” colored stain. SOLD
Email for more info:
Size is:
40″ l x 29″ w x 5.5″ deep x 17″ tall

Small Business Saturday / Holiday Sale

25 Nov

In honor of Small Business Saturday – something we plan on supporting tomorrow – as well as every other day of the year, we are offering 20% off everything in our online Etsy shop from now until Christmas. Just “like” us on Facebook and check our wall for the promo code. Also, we’ll be adding some new items to the shop soon. The long weekend should provide us plenty of time to get some projects done.

Reclaimed Stuff in Use

17 Nov

Here’s a few things we’ve been working on in our own house. We’ve been on a mission the last year or so to rid our home of all the store bought, cheaply made furniture that we’d accumulated over the years. The stuff you paid too much money for that you thought was nice at the time. We’re getting there. You may remember the antique seed cabinet we picked up a few months ago. That become our “entertainment center” so to speak. Right now we had just enough space in the 16 to drawers to hold our movies. Not ideal, but at least they’re hidden. Over the tv is a piece of explosion proof chicken wire glass in a galvanized frame from a 1930s era paint booth. It still needs a little something, so I’m going to do some lettering on there with some One Shot soon.

We also picked up this shelf/mantle piece from the Bargain Corner recently. I found it in the back storage building that hadn’t been opened in a coon’s age. It was really rough, so we got a great deal on it. Had the original glass mirror but was in bad shape. We repainted this and Jessica wanted to do a mosaic with cracked mirror, so we did that with some (hard to tell) seafoam colored grout.

Vintage Brass Pendant with exposed bulb / upcycled

16 Nov

Simple vintage brass upcycled pendant light. Made pieces of a reclaimed wall sconce from the early 1900s. Brass canopy which has plenty of nice orginal patina which has turned a greenish hue with age. Originally a wall mounted piece, the bell shaped is now used for the shade. All new wiring with a white porcelain socket. Standard size ceiling canopy and is designed to be hardwired into an existing ceiling box. Includes Marconi style squirrel cage bulb. sold

Upcycled Vintage Barn Light Pendant

15 Nov

This pendant light is made using various upcycled pieces found locally. The shade is a porcelain enamel Sinclair style barn light shade from the 1930s. I’ve used a new white porcelain socket, new wiring and an antique brass fixture nipple between the socket and the canopy. New black wiring was also used and fixture includes a 60watt Marconi style bulb. The canopy is in original barn fresh condition, green porcelain with white porcelain underneath with nice patina. Comes with a standard ceiling canopy and is designed to be wiring into an existing ceiling box.  SOLD!

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